Gerry Anderson MBE

About 2 years ago, we started working on a personal project. Antony has been a Gerry Anderson fan since he was a boy. In the 1960's, he played with the Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet toys. He continued to follow Gerry's programmes as he grew up. Today, he is still in awe of his creative mind. During the last 6 years, Antony had sculpted commercial pieces based on Gerry Anderson's characters and vehicles for a company in Shropshire called Robert Harrop Designs. This sort of product is licensed, so you can't just make and sell at will. You have to have permission. It was during this time that Antony decided to think about creating something never attempted before. Gerry Anderson passed away in 2012 on Boxing Day. He died as a result of Alzheimer's disease. Something, so dreadful, taking away a brilliant mind. Thankfully, his creative mind will always be kept alive through his many adoring fans and his family. Gerry's youngest son Jamie Anderson runs the family business, dedicated to Gerry's work. He and his mum Mary and a small team, run a website ( dedicated to Gerry's memory. Gerry was also a Patron of the Alzheimer's Society and helped raise awareness and funding to fight this disease. This lead to Antony working on a small scaled classic bronzed resin bust of Gerry. A very risky piece to decide to do, but the thought was that it would be a lasting tribute to his memory. Fans could sit the bust among their collections of Gerry Anderson memorabilia, as the bust is only 9 inches tall including the plinth. Half way through the sculpting process, we made contact with Jamie to show him the sculpt and ask what he thought of the idea. He was pleased with the likeness at that point and looked forward to viewing the final sculpt. He saw potential, commercially, with the piece. When Antony finally finished the sculpting, we turned it into a bronzed resin version and met up with Jamie to show him the final piece. It is fair to say that he was visibly moved. We gave him a couple of the prototypes to keep for himself and started the ball rolling to place the bust in the public eye. When seen by the public, there was immediate interest and sealed with approval from the Anderson Estate, the bust will be available with a limited edition of 350 to purchase. The bust will be launched on the Anderson Entertainment website shortly, with a price to be confirmed.