This series of pendants as they suggest, have been inspired by either an Artist, Poet or Author. We have for many years been asked for floral pendants. The floral brooches do not lend themselves to being suspended on a cord or chain. By sculpting a floral scene in semi-relief, we are able to achieve great levels of detail. The idea of looking toward the arts and written words for inspiration, opened a plethora of ideas when searching for flowers within a painting, poem or story. Each of these designs are original and are our interpretation of whichever flowers found in the subject matter chosen at the time of creation. Like the floral brooches, the little pictures are sculpted in wax, moulded and cast in resin. Finally they are decorated using oil based paints. The oval finding is 40X30mm. We decided that we would consider colouring the findings in a range of different colours. We do this by spraying the finding with car body enamel spray. Black, beautifully frames the painted resin cast as you see here.

If you visit the ABOUT section in the Navigation bar at the top of the page, you can click on the 'PROJECTS' page, and see how the Daffodils pendant was created, based on William Wordsworth's poem 'Daffodils'

This series will grow in time and will become one of our most interesting products. Please contact us if you want to know more about these pendants.